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The mission of Signature switch co. is to

provide the most durable and reliable operating

switches in the O Scale market. They are scaled

from prototype specifications for prototypical

operation. All switches are DCC friendly

and ready to install on your layout.





It is our goal to please the customer and to have open

communication with him at all times. We deal with all

aspects of switch building and can talk your language.

We know and can handle all variations of terms like:

switches, turnouts, points, frogs, castings,

scissor switch, hinged, gauntlets, fixed, curved, radius,

numbered, double slip, toes, heals, standard gauge,

O scale, 2-rail, ties, plates, spikes, Proto 48, P48, On2,

On3, On30, standard gauge, 5 quarters, traction, and even

O gauge.  We want to provide you with everything you

need to enjoy your hobby.  Looking forward to

working with you.  Brad.